Patient Information

our vancouver dental office welcomes you

When you step into our office for the first time, we will greet you with a smile and welcome you with the promise that you are in good hands. We will do everything possible to make your visit enjoyable and relaxing.

We will ensure that a complimentary parking spot is available to you should you choose to drive to the office.

Our online Patient Portal will help us gather all necessary insurance and medical information before we meet you. This allows our doctors to spend more time with you rather than doing paperwork. However, if the online world is not your thing, don’t worry; we can assist you when you get here.

For your first visit, we ask that you arrive 15 minutes early so we have sufficient time to review all the information you provided. If you are on any prescription medication, please bring a list along which includes the name and the dosage to your first visit.

Shortly after your arrival, we will welcome you into one of our treatment rooms where not only will you be introduced to your new dentist but you will be able to enjoy the stunning view of Vancouver.

After an informal chat, you and your doctor will discuss the dental concerns that brought you to our office. We will try our best to address any urgent matter during this appointment.

Following this, our doctors will perform a thorough examination. This includes a screening for oral cancer, a TMJ and soft tissue evaluation, a visual examination for any tooth-related issues such as decay or fracture lines. They will also document all existing dental work as well as current soft tissue conditions.

After this initial exam, with your consent we will take any x-rays that we deem necessary to assist in our diagnosis and treatment planning. We may also perform a digital intraoral scan which creates a 3-dimensional picture of your teeth.

The final step during this first visit is for your dentist to sit down with you and guide you carefully through all the findings. They will explain what is urgent, what is necessary but not urgent and what is elective. They will then discuss the different treatment options with you to help find the solution that works best for you.

By the time you leave our office, you should have a good sense of who we are and the values we believe in. In addition, you will have a comprehensive understanding of your current oral health, a plan to maintain your oral health, and, if necessary, a plan for how to get back on track.

book your dental appointment online at broadway dental group (vancouver)

Patient Portal

Our Patient Portal is an easy, safe, yet powerful tool which enables you to access important information from the comfort of your home.

You can look up previous or upcoming appointments for yourself and your family. In addition, you can review your dental statements to find a detailed explanation of your appointment as well as your outstanding balance. It even allows you to submit payments online.

All medical, treatment and insurance forms may be completed via this portal so that by the time you arrive for your appointment everything is ready and you can spend less time in our office.

The patient portal is also a great source of information to educate yourself about various treatments. The portal offers high-quality videos on most of the dental procedures we offer.

processing of dental insurance in bc


We offer direct billing to most insurance companies because we want your experience to be as pain-free as possible. This commitment extends beyond just dental treatment. We do this as a courtesy but ultimately the client remains responsible for all costs associated with their treatment.

Direct insurance billing means that instead of you paying out of pocket and submitting a claim for reimbursement to your insurance provider, we bill your insurance provider directly and immediately for reimbursement to our office for any portion of the treatment they cover. This method is simple, convenient and may negate the need for you to spend any of your own money depending on the extent of your coverage.

Every insurance company is slightly different in how they communicate with us. Some offer quick electronic data exchange, some require us to call in and some even need us to mail them.

The following insurance plans usually accept an electronic submission, which immediately lets us know what portion of your invoice is covered by your insurance and what portion you have to pay out of pocket. However, this can vary depending on your group plan.

· Alberta Blue Cross

· Chamber of Commerce

· DATownley

· Desjardins

· Empire Life

· Equitable Life

· GreenShield

· Johnston Group

· Manitoba Blue Cross

· Maximum Benefits Solutions

· Medavie Blue Cross

· Pacific Blue Cross

· Sunlife

· UFCW Dental Plan

The following insurance companies usually do not provide us with details regarding your dental coverage. They will only communicate with you, the plan member.

· Canada Life

· Cooperators

· Claim Secure

· Industrial Alliance

· Manulife

Please keep in mind that while we do everything we can to deal with your insurance, any underpayment or nonpayment from your insurance provider will be your responsibility and will be billed back to the client or policyholder. It is then your responsibility to pay any outstanding balance and deal with your insurance company.

woman receiving digital reminders for dental appointment

Digital Reminders

Our lives are busy and it’s hard to keep track of everything that is happening. That is why we provide you with automated digital reminders either by text or email (or both if you prefer) about your upcoming appointments. If you prefer not to receive any reminders from us, just let us know and we will update our system and remove you from our automatic reminders list.

air filtration

Air Purification

Clean air protects the health of you, our client, and of our team.
The dental workplace can expose everyone to a wide variety of air pollutants during routine dental work. This includes aerosol particles from high-speed instruments and airborne pathogens. Because clean air is so important to all of us, we evaluated the air quality in our office and implemented many measures to ensure that our clients and our staff are always breathing clean, healthy air.

Hyper-HEPA Filtration System

We have invested in a high-tech Swiss made medical-grade HyperHepa Filtration system for our office.

Extraoral suction

Extraoral suction is a critical part of infection control during dental procedures by reducing the number of infected aerosols and particles escaping the mouth. To minimize the risk of aerosols leaving the treatment room, each dental chair is equipped with a powerful suction system. This suction system creates a negative pressure and removes potentially harmful airborne contaminants.

Air Exchange

Our building is equipped with a forced-air system which ensures that the air in our office is consistently exchanged and refreshed. We also have windows which open to increase air exchange.

our dental clinic has a view of downtown vancouver


Our views of Downtown Vancouver are stunning. While in our office you can lean back and enjoy the views of our ever-changing skyline. Our office offers a panoramic view of downtown, the North Shore mountains and the ocean. And yes, of course, you can take pictures free of charge.

we have educational videos that can help you understand dental procedures

Educational Videos

We believe that knowledge is power. We utilize high-quality 3D educational videos to explain restorative, implant, cosmetic, endodontic procedures as well as many other treatments.

you can book online for your next dental appointment

Online Booking

We currently offer online booking. This will save you time by booking appointments in real-time from home. You can pick a date and time that works best for you. There is no need to play phone tag or email us and wait for a response.

Book your appointment here.

we are striving to be as paperless as possible in our dental practice.

Online Forms

We love trees, so we are striving to be as paperless as possible. You can be part of our efforts by digitally filling out your personal info. Going all-digital eliminates the amount of scanning and paper shredding we have to do. It gives us more time to focus on what is most important – You!

our dental office has free reserved parking for patients near downtown vancouver

Reserved Parking

The office is located at the corner of West Broadway and Willow. A very short walk from VGH and an easy 10-minute walk from Broadway – City Hall Canada Line Station. In addition, there is a bus stop serviced by the number 9 and 99 right outside of our building.

If you choose to come by car, we also have you covered. We lease three parking spots in our building for the exclusive use of our clients during their appointment time only. No more headaches trying to find parking when you come to see us. These spots must be reserved in advance through our admin staff. All we ask is that you only park in the spot assigned to you as the other spots are reserved for other clients. Directions can be obtained from the admin staff when you reserve a spot.

You can also find parking directions here.

we have enhanced covid19 safety procedures in our dental office

Covid19 & Our Office

The safety of our clients and staff has always been our number one priority. With this in mind, we developed a comprehensive internal process describing in great detail how to manage and mitigate any potential risks from Covid19. Our internal Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) and our Safety Plan are periodically updated to adjust to the evolving situation.

we have a regularly updated blog about dentistry in vancouver


Your relationship with your dentist, dental hygienist and our entire team is very important to us. As such, we decided to create a Broadway Dental Group Blog to build on this relationship. This is an online place where we can answer any common questions our patients may have, explain new technologies and procedures and just discuss whatever is on your and our minds.