Modern dentistry with I-tero

There was a time when people would go to a dental office and have physical impressions taken to relay information from their mouth to a dental laboratory. In the mid-80s the world’s dentistry advanced into a new era of 3D digital scanning technologies, that took the communication between doctors, patients, and laboratories to a new level. 

Digital intraoral scanners’ benefits include time-saving, more comfortable patient experience, and high accuracy of dental models and personalized treatment plans. 

We routinely integrate new technologies and techniques such as virtual planning software and digital scanners to achieve excellence for all our patients. At Broadway Dental Group we use I-tero ®, which is one of the best intraoral scanners in the market, to help us create more precise treatment plans and dental work. Some common use of digital scans is orthodontic treatment plans, mouth guards, crowns, and bridges.

In an orthodontic treatment plan,  I-tero ® gives us a chance to improve diagnosis and plan your case to achieve the best outcome so you and your dentist can see the results of your treatment plan together. One of the highlights of the first consultation is the occlusogram which gives crucial information about your bite making it easier to reach your expectations, wants, and needs. 

The colors in the image map above show the contact relationship between the arches.

Intraoral digital scanners are part of our modern dentistry improving both practice efficiency and patient experience compared to conventional physical impressions. 

Broadway Dental Group is located in Vancouver at 805 West Broadway and the first step is to book a consultation with Dr. Pham to take your scans and start your smile transformation. We look forward to meeting you!